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Saturn in Cancer Saturn is in enemy territory in Cancer. This is not a good position for Saturn, as well as for the emotional sign of Cancer. On the positive side, the person is always in control of his emotions. He has a slow and steady approach in life and is regarded as reliable and dependable by others. He has a deep sense of responsibility. On the negative note, such a person lacks comfort of home and is a loner. He does not like to be dependent on others for emotional fulfilment. He is very poor at taking feedback from others.

His focus areas and work defines him and he does not derive happiness from others. On the health front, such a person does not have good digestion. Saturn in Cancer indicates problem in chest area.

Rahu in Aries Rahu in Aries denotes constant action. Such a person is exuberant and animated in behavior and communication and constantly moves from one activity to other.

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There is a display of passion in all the activities undertaken by the person. There is a talent for short term sports activities, e. He may get into an activity without any preparation. On the health side, such a location of Rahu in sign of Mars may lead to blood impurity related diseases and moles and scar in the head. The person is hence inclined toward religion and sacred. This provides great skill and proficiency in dealing with people and partners in business. On the negative side, the person can be deceptive.

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J. Jayalalithaa Birth Chart | J. Jayalalithaa Kundli | Horoscope by Date of Birth Politician

Bar for love and romance may be set very high and the relationship may suffer. On the same side, this may not be the best position for the partner doing business with someone with Ketu in Libra. On health front, this may lead to undiagnosed problems in lower back and abdomen area. The person may suffer from hypertension.

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Terms of Use. This portal is dedicated to Vedic Astrology - Vedanga Jyotish, a science that is deep-rooted in Indian culture, tradition, and philosophy of life. Previous Next. One comment Comment by Jaya on December 11, at pm Can some one tell me about gothra gothram of J. Financial Astrology. Weekly Panchanga.

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Astro Remedies. Yearly Horoscope. Readers' Queries. Saturn in her lagna gifted her with the seat of the Chief Minister. Henceforth, she never looked back. She relished her 10 years of the Moon period seizing wealth through all probable means. Moon placed in her lagna also bestowed her with popularity.

Lagnesh Mars with Rahu in the 8th house unveils that she has earned immense wealth by unlawful means. As she is highly ambitious coupled with the range of other depraved qualities, she violated all limits to make her desires manifest. Yet, Mars in the 8th house reveals that she has no shame.

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Her cards reveal that she will always get respect and admiration from her people. Her adopted child will not support her as a politician. Since , she has been facing the Saturn influence. Her stars during this phase appear inauspicious. There is also a gradual decline in her career graph. Her 10th house Saturn transit is seated in the 2nd house in fixed Taurus ; hence she will be able to get relief from the high court. Her party will secure a good position in the coming elections, yet, fall short of majority.

Her card shows that she will gain the seat of the Chief Minister with the backing of her friend Sonia Gandhi Congress most likely. Yet, Jaya would have to make a compromise somewhere.

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Currently, Amma is on a whirlwind campaign for the crucial RK Nagar by-elections to be held on 27th June in Chennai. This by-poll is regarded as a precursor to the state assembly elections scheduled for Read on to know her future Jayalalithaa 's details are based on Solar Horoscope Surya Kundli with the help of birth date and place, as the birth time is not available. Retrograde Saturn is transiting through the 10 th House and aspecting retrograde Mars, in the 7 th House, till 1st August Astrological Predictions :- Considering the planetary transits mentioned above, Ganesha feels that since the by-election is scheduled tomorrow: June, Ketu's current transit over Venus in the Solar Chart may have a negative influence on Jayalalithaa.

Retrograde Saturn may also affect her adversely, as it will be aspecting retrograde Mars in the Solar Chart. However, the transit of Jupiter through Cancer Sign till 14 th July is highly favourable for Jayalalithaa and thus, she may win this by-poll by a marginal number of votes. Hence, Ganesha feels that chances of winning the election will mostly depend on her fortune, as Jupiter is aspecting the Lord of the House of Fortune, posited in the 2 nd House of her Solar Chart.

In short, stars of the Solar Chart and positive effect of the planets transiting currently shall help Jayalalithaa to taste victory. Ganesha foresees a great time ahead for Jayalalithaa in the forthcoming elections! With Ganesha's Grace, Rantidev A.

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