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January 10 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

Come a little closer — they're not going to bite! And even if they do Love planet Venus is making moves this week, getting in bed with sexy Pluto on Wednesday and landing next to her celestial soulmate Mars on Thursday for a rare, exact connection. These heart-opening transits will make it hard to resist Cupid's arrows. But thankfully, we won't lose our good sense in the process. With both Venus and Mars in virtuous Virgo, standards should remain high. And good luck to the lazy lover who gets a little too comfortable. To the left, to the left On Thursday, the annual full moon in Aries brings an epic surge of self-esteem.

January 10 Birthday Horoscope

From body-shamers to Betsy DeVos , the trolls make it hard out here for a modern-day woman. But with fierce warrior queen Aries helming this full moon, we'll all get our fight back. In fact, all the world is a talent show under these potent moonbeams. There's a friendship taking lace and it's also inviting you to gain a new sense of awareness and perspective. You may find that being centered is the new you, and you aren't sure if you like it or if it's making you less interesting to others.

Settling into a routine just might be good for you. In your current relationship, be prepared for an overflow of feelings you grow more aware of your own reason for being and doing the things that you do. Love can be complicated and you may need time to process all of your emotions. Here's a thought that you need to mull over a bit.

Keep these to yourself until you've gotten a handle of what they mean. There's some wisdom coming your way this weekend. A certain area of your life will require intense focus. Your time with friends will be strangely more pleasant, especially with one particular friend that you trust with all your heart. This weekend, be sure to make time for play. It's a high energy weekend for you!

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Be patient but don't be tempted to bury yourself to much in thoughts and ideas. Instead celebrate a bit of who you are and what you bring into the lives of others.

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Take periodic breaks and give intuitive flashes their due, as your best ideas may not be fully formed yet. And if a person or circumstances seem to be working against you, notice how you might be unconsciously colluding with the shakeup. A flirtation with a colleague may appear to come out of nowhere but has probably been brewing beneath the surface for a while. Find an orderly method for keeping track of your speedy jumble of ideas.

A full moon in your humanity house could spell drama in your squad, or a friend may lean on you for support. You might feel done with a particular friendship or group and decide to cut bait. A philanthropic endeavor or team project can reach fruition under this lunation.

You might test another person in order to protect yourself or vice versa , and your underlying mood is sure to color your relations. Her faceoff with Uranus can inspire you to take an unexpected route to happiness. Maybe you have a date planned, and a friend blindsides you with a scheduling conflict.

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  • Or your girls bail on the GNO you were looking forward to. A Mercury-Uranus opposition hints that your creative ideas or sense of humor might not get the intended response from a group. The full moon can bring a goal to fruition, make your boss temperamental or trigger a shift in your career path or life direction. And do your homework, so when you or naysayers uncover potential problems, you have an answer.

    Gather info, conjure up clever ideas, then factcheck yourself so you can make a strong case. After Venus sneaks down to the base of your chart, the pleasures of home, family and simple comforts become increasingly alluring. With equal measures of flexibility and ingenuity, you can find a way to juggle relaxation and ambition. Mercury is also in an opposition with Uranus, tempting you to speak in a hurried, emotional tone with an authority figure. You might gain insight from your parents now.

    Thanks to a full moon in your exploration corner, an entrepreneurial venture, publishing project or course of study could reach a climax. Plus, an urge for adventure could lead to a big trip or a leap of faith. This is your best moon of the year for letting go of a belief that has limited your growth. A spat between the sun and Saturn could indicate low self-confidence that prevents you from expressing your true self. Enjoy the satisfaction of working to become more complete and self-sufficient. Her standoff with Uranus encourages you to live in the moment and accept that the future is unknowable.

    For example, a flirtation might have a plot twist now and the outcome will be up in the air.

    You might suddenly wonder what else — or who else — is out there waiting for you and could discover different pleasures that open your eyes to a new world of possibility. You may also reveal your feelings to someone or contradict yourself on a whim. Mercury is going toe to toe with Uranus as well, which can land you in a random debate where agreeing to disagree is your best option.

    January 10 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

    Your mind is racing, so you should avoid jumping to conclusions. Abstract insights will be a bonus under this influence. The full moon is activating your depth zone, pushing you to get better at balancing give and take. A sexual connection could heat up or combust. This is a good time to let go of a loss or wound and move on, transforming your psychological state.

    You might also pay off a debt or give someone emotional or financial support. Available in-person in NYC!

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    • Lead image by Alessandra Olanow. Skip to content. As the sun and Saturn spar this week, what will that mean for you and your personal commitments? Let Tracy Allen guide you through….